Fixed Income Masterclass | January 2020

Fixed Income Masterclass | January 2020

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Fixed income managers are being forced to ditch credit quality in the search for yield, but how far are they having to go and is there a right amount of risk to take? Join us in this Masterclass for more on UK gilts, how you can generate returns and the likelihood of a Brexit bounce. Talking here, we have:

  • Stephen Snowden, Fund Manager, Artemis Corporate Bond Fund & Artemis Target Return Bond Fund, Artemis Fund Managers
  • Rhys Davies, Fixed Interest Fund Manager, Invesco
  • Jonathan Platt, Head of Fixed Income, Royal London Asset Management
  • Learning outcomes:

    1. How to assess credit risk in high yield
    2. What UK gilts have to offer compared to US Treasuries
    3. How managers apply ESG to fixed income