Katie Magee

Passive Fixed Income Masterclass | March 2019

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The QE regime has been good for fixed income and fixed income investors, but if it's on the turn, what does it mean for bonds and if you are investing in bonds, do you want to go passive? Discussing in this Masterclass are:

  • Morgane Delledonne, Vice President, ETF Investment Strategist, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Sebastien Faucher, Head of Passive Fixed Income, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Paul Syms, Head of EMEA ETF Fixed Income Product Management, Invesco
  • Katie Magee, Investment Specialist, Quantitative Beta Strategies, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Learning outcomes:

  1. The potential role of passive fixed income at a time of rising rates
  2. Liquidity as a potential risk for bond investors
  3. Why transparency is vital to understanding the underlying investment strategy